Our lessons

We believe that every student is unique and respond differently to different teaching methods. Our lessons center around one-on-one private teaching, where teachers can draw from a wide array of teaching resources provided by our school to create customized lesson plans for each student.

Getting the basics right

Everything starts with good basics. Apart from learning the necessary skills that allow you to play the piano, we also include other important skills like the ability to effectively read music or aurally identify musical features in our lessons to give students more well-rounded musicianship skills.

This is why we focus a lot of attention on making sure that the students have mastered all the key skills in a certain grade before progressing to the next, building a truly solid foundation all the way up to advanced levels.

We do not only teach you to play individual pieces, but aim to build music skills that will last a lifetime and allow you to enjoy playing the piano even beyond your piano lessons.

Find your passion

Equally important as a good foundation is the ability to feel and appreciate music. Here we aim to provide students with opportunities to learn to listen, compare and explore how they feel about the music they are playing. Different people have different tastes in music.

Learn from experts at your own pace

Our teachers plan out lessons and development paths for each student individually, with constant supervision and feedback from the academic team.

Levels of Progress

Foundation to Intermediate Levels

Initial - Grade 5

A good foundation is the key to future success in music.

  • A wide range of method books available to suit every child's needs
  • Promote exploration and natural creativity
  • Focus on building technical foundation and musicality
  • Exposure to different styles of music to spark interest

Advanced Levels

Grades 6-8

Students explore the wealth of the pianist's standard repertoire, from classical composers to modern pieces.

  • Exposure to a wide variety of musical styles and techniques
  • Develop thorough understanding and ownership

Diploma Level

At diploma levels, our qualified teachers help students prepare for a career in music

  • Advanced repertoire
  • Essential knowledge in music history and theory of music
  • Preparation towards entering graduate courses or internationally-recognized qualifications

Key practices

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are qualified specialists in music performance, music education or pedagogy or have obtained the equivalent degree from Trinity College London. With a solid background and experience in teaching, our teaching staffs are fully committed and motivated.

Private one-to-one lessons

In private, one-to-one lessons the students gets undivided attention from the teacher for the whole length of the lesson, ensuring that good posture, technique and tone are enforced from the very beginning.

Customized lesson plans

Every child has his or her own pace or leaning. At Triniti Music Institute, we don’t believe in pre-planned courses that restrict students to rigid course structures. Instead, we use the continuous lessons approach, where students can develop at their own pace. Lesson plans are drafted by the teacher, using teaching materials extracted from a wide range of method book series and supplementary repertoire.

Focus on strong technique

Technique is a necessary component in building a good foundation for students. This is why we emphasize technical work in our lessons year-round to help students master more and more advanced music.

Regular concerts

Apart from classroom learning, we provide regular concert opportunities for our students to help build confidence, a sense of pride and ownership in their music studies.